Hello, I'm William Mena
and I am a Software Engineer

Lets work together: williammena1991@gmail.com


I’m a University at Buffalo graduate with a Media Study Degree. I’ve also graduated from Flatiron School where we concentrated on Full Stack Web Development using Ruby on Rails and React/Redux. Following graduation I’ve earned a Grow with Google Android Basics Nanodegree scholarship learning Java for Android Development.

My background primarily consist of working in Post Production. My most recent job is as an Assistant Editor/Media Manager/Animator for The World Science Foundation. Before that I was freelancing at Kornhaber Brown as an Assistant Editor contributing in many ways including rotoscoping footage to editing.


Software Engineer

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Javascript
  • React
  • Redux
  • Sinatra
  • SQL
  • Java for Android
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Git & Github
  • Postman

Post Production


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Scriptsplitter 01
Script Splitter: Home Page
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Scriptsplitter 02
Script Splitter: Sample Data
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Cityofscience 01
Scoreboard created for WSF: City Of Science
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Pipelinestocks 01
Stock Buying App
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Cityofscience 02
Scoreboard input

Script Splitter

Web App that splits your video script into appropriately sized subtitles.
  • Developed Rails 5 API to hold all scripts and the rest of the backend data.
  • Implemented React/Redux for fast creating and updating of each script/subtitle
  • Formed a Preview of your script/subtitles on the homepage before saving to the user profile.
  • Soon to have: Ability to export an XML of your captions for easy importing into your favorite Video Editing software.

Pipeline Stock App

Live Link
Github Repo
Web App that lets you buy stocks at current market value.
  • Home page presents the users current portfolio value and each stocks daily performance.
  • Developed a cache to reduce the amount of API calls across all users. Limit to 1 call a minute per stock.
  • Fetches from the IEX API for current details on all stocks like market open to even the year.

Sheridan Currency Converter

Live Link
Github Repo
Web App that converts currency.
  • Simple front end page so you can quickly insert your amount, pick your conversion and get back the exchanged value.
  • Uses a simple cache to reduce the amount of API calls across all users. Limit to 1 call a minute per conversion.

Warped Space Simulator

Scoreboard Application built for the World Science Festival. To help keep track of one of their exhibits
  • Rails 5 API for keeping track of all the scores
  • React Frontend for displaying the score of each player.
  • Redux for live updating across many screens.
  • Attracted many of it's demographic. Added to the excitement of the exhibit due to everyone wanting to participate to be placed on the scoreboard.

Roommate Assistant

Github Repo
Dedicated to helping you manage tasks with your roommates. One place for all your chores, tasks and shopping lists.
  • Built an API using Rails and AJAX to increase the speed of accessibility for all of the users.
  • Created friendships or connections between users using self referential associations, in the style of facebook friends.
  • Implemented SQLite with ActiveRecord to handle the projects backend.
  • Designed a property function, using Rails and AJAX, to allow users to assign chores within their household.

BigThink Retention App

Github Repo
An application that shows a videos retention rate.
  • Implemented Google Graphs to show the audience drop off points through out the span of the video.
  • Engineered mechanics to fill each inserted URL with dummy data to represent data that would appear from actual video API.
  • Useful for seeing how long people are actually watching each specific video.

has_many recipes

Github Repo
Social Media website where you share and discover recipes with your friends.
  • Built a Sinatra application with a NokoGiri gem to scrape websites for their Recipe information.
  • Created a Twitter style relationship using self referential associations, where one user can follow another.
  • Bootstrapped page for simple page structuring and navigation.
  • Upgraded the user data security using the Bcrypt Gem.